Review the situation that is living in the regions of the South of Spain regarding the increase in child poverty, in a country where the 2.3 million children live in poor households.

On the verge of completing the course only three regions Andalusia, Canary Islands and Valencia have confirmed their programs to maintain a network of schools in summer, as well as leisure activities, meet the basic needs of children in the most depressed neighbourhoods. In these areas some twenty thousand children will benefit and will have guaranteed the main meal and even also the breakfast and snack.

Andalucia will keep strengthening meals to children in schools in areas with special needs. A total of 60 school cafeterias open in summer to ensure proper nutrition for 4,500 children with special difficulties family environments within the food security program, as confirmed today the Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy.

Schools whose dining rooms opened in summer are mainly located in areas with Needs of Social Transformation, as the South Polygon in Seville.

The program is part of a food security plan also it includes social catering for disadvantaged and elderly groups and during the school year offering three daily meals to the most disadvantaged students, with a total budget of EUR 5.3 million.