The number of people receiving very low wages, is significant in Estonia, said on Kuku Radio Kärt Mere.

"The Estonian government has promised 10 years ago to bring out of poverty 49 500 people. The time runs, but no one will tell how it goes. This is the promise, in which the country has been out, but it's not anything we hear“, told Mere.

Politicians would prefer to believe that work is the only one of the wonderful things, which overcomes poverty, but the kids don't have time to wait. They are hungry today. At the time of the baby-boom, when the job was offered more, people also got lost in poverty.Mere said that the number of working poor people is increasing. And in fact, it may even be higher then official statistics.

Statistical Office announced that every fifth resident of Estonia live in poverty.

Also in Europe the number of poor has increased and is almost 25 million people.

The job is not only a magic wand, said Mere. In fact, however, it might be time to re-evaluate our business model. "This existing economic model which we have in in which we believed and invested, maybe, not the most appropriate now."