The Netherlands


TAP is a specific European project, funded by Erasmus +, which focuses on the 'fight against poverty': 'Together against Poverty'. In addition, organizations from Poland, Estonia, Italy, Romania, Spain and The Netherlands are involved. From the Netherlands the Leido network takes part in the project. One of the goals is mutually exchange knowledge, learn from and with each other to develop products. 'Entrepreneurship' in the broadest sense of the term is mentioned as one of the instruments to fight the risk of poverty and social exclusion. On the website you will find general information:, and the 'Newsletters' about the project. In May a previous progress report was sent to people interested.

TAP meeting with Dutch experts

On 1 July, the Dutch TAP project team convened a brainstorming session with four lecturers of different colleges and with board member Jo Bothmer of the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) in the Netherlands. The participating lecturers were Klaas Molenaar (Financial Inclusion & New Entrepreneurship, The Hague University), Nadja Jungmann (Debt and Debt Collection, HU), Louis Polstra (Labour Market issues, Hanze University Groningen) and Leni Beukema (Sustainable HRM, Hanze University Groningen). They are each from their own area of interest involved in questions of poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship.

Objectives of the meeting had a broad exchange of views between experts on the main themes of the TAP project and an inventory of possible contributors to next activities within the framework of the project. Also, Jo Bothmer and project team member Bert Wissink briefly presented materials from respectively EAPN Netherlands and the EBC*L Life Management program.

The session brought us tips and hints for the continuation of the TAP project, but it also produced some relevant critical remarks. Members of the project share the findings in September with participants from other countries during a week in Turin.